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Family Life
     "It's all right to have politics, but if it's always just in black and white on a newspaper to me it's a bit boring.
June & Guitar

     If you can present something in a theatrical piece, a beautiful song so people can enjoy it on an artistic level, you can sometimes get a point across a lot better than if you were writing in the newspaper".

     The daughter of a Kungarrakayn - Gurindji woman and a Larrakia - Jawoyn man, she works under the name of Gunluckii Nimul.

June Mills' ideas and politics are scattered around Darwin in many forms. Her graphics are on T-shirts and were used to promote the 1993 Second World Indigenous Youth Conference. Among certain sectors of the Darwin community her music and songs are virtually legend. June and her guitar playing sisters Alyson and Barbara have received widespread acclaim at national events such as the Tamworth Women's Country Music Festival. 

 But she says she' s dedicated her life to the Larrakia people. "My life' s work is working for our people ... when I go I want there to be something permanent and some restoration work done for our people. And I want there to be something left for our children."
From an article by Johanna Jarvis LIGHTNING TIMES, 1ST Edition 1993.
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