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   . June Kathryn Mills was born on the 3rd of July 1956 in Darwin, the Northern Territory, Australia. Being the second child born to David Weslin Mills and Kathleen Mary Mills, who's first born, Rupert died at birth.  June was then to become the eldest of eight surviving children of the eleven children born to David and Kathleen. The children: June Kathryn, Allyson Jean, Barbara Joyce, David Rupert, Weslin James, Robert George, Violet Frances, and Desmond Charles. 
Baby June with mother Kathy.
This photograph of June and her Mum 
survived the devastastating cyclone
of Christmas Eve, 1974
 David, their father, had been born in the Darwin Hospital on the 4th February 1936 to Rupert James Mills and Alice Kruger. He was the second child of only two children. His sister Barbara was born two years earlier on the 18th of June 1934.  They grew up at a place, which is now known as One-Mile Dam, just behind Dinah Beach.  Early memories of that time are ones of hard times but relatively carefree.  David and Barbara's fondest memories are of the happy times spent fishing Darwin's foreshores and being carried home on their parent's shoulders.
       Their father Rupert died not long after, when David was about four years old. After a while, their mother Alice met up with a stockman named Ceorge Cummings who came from Mt. Isa, in Queensland.
         All of the Mills children were born at the Royal Darwin Hospital and grew up in Darwin.  Their first home was in the Parap Flats, which used to be directly behind where the Motor Vehicle Registry is on Goyder Road.  They then moved to a bigger, elevated house with a beautiful big yard where David and Kathy would grow all their favourite plants.  They had three big mango trees that the kids loved to play in and make cubby houses in the branches.  There were also few native plum trees, a beautiful yellow bell-flower tree, lots of frangipani, crotons, caladiums and aralias.
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