Wild Water's initial recording "Baltpa" is a six-track EP, with the first four songs having been cut by American engineer, Lamar Lowder, who had come to Darwin to record Yothu Yindi.
Tracks five and six were recorded live in the SBS studios by Rob Monson. Read about it here or listen to a sample on Wild Water's DOWNLOAD page. 
Here is what the band has to say about their songs:
1.Difrent Colours (lyrics: Noeletta, music: Djulpa) is teaching people respect with pride of your colour. We're trying to get difrent people together through a message of unity - difrent colours - for one world.

2. Sunset Bay (lyrics & music: Djupa) is Dulcie's* home - Djuna-winya on the north coast of Arnhem Land.

3. Yanguna (lyrics & music: Duncan Dennis, rap: Djulpa) was written by Duncan of the Letterstick Band. Yanguna is a ceremonial drink from Fiji (Yaqona) that we also drink in Arnhem Land.

4. Arnhem Land Blues (lyrics & music: Djulpa) is about missing your homeland and about the background of the land and the people.

5. Blak History (lyrics: Djulpa & Noeletta, music: Djulpa)... times are changing... there's so many cultures here in Australia. We are proud of our indigenous cultures and our blak history. 

6. What's Going Down! (lyrics: Djulpa & Noeletta, music: Djulpa) Yo hey, we want to know what's going down with our brothers and sisters. We want the system to change because its not working. By singing about blak deaths in custody we want to show what is really happening.

* Dulcie is Djulpa's mother
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