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  Technical Notes for Black Mujik sound files 

     The sound files are in two 'streaming' formats -  Mpeg-Layer 3 Audio(MP3) and Real Audio (RAM). We wanted to have some SUN/AU files for backward compatability but server space prohibits. Since we started this site in Feb. 1999, there have been several revolutions in software, hardware and netware to allow these great formats to really start working - even in far away Darwin. File size is included with each song - it shouldn't take an Einstein to workout why we have gone the 'streaming' route.
    We have been informed  MP3 files are only able to be decoded by a Pentium or better computer however, we have run them on an old 486DX33 - depends on how good you are at tweaking your resources on your machine (and how much software you can cram on before it incinerates itself !). . Sorry to those who can't play these formats, as they are really great quality for the file size. 

     Both Netscape Communicator 4.7 and Internet Explorer 5.0 can automatically play back the mp3 and ram formats almost as soon as they load their appropriate players. If you don't have these programs  or if you have these programs and the files still don't run, try  the following instructions.

  •     Get RealPlayerG2. This commercial program has a free 'basic' version - much like Netscape or IE and will play both MP3 and RAM files as well as assorted video and other audio formats. We sampled our files using their freeware RealProducer - what more can we say ?   For more info, check out the HUGE www.real.com site.

  •      Get WinAmp . This is probably the most famous and oldest of the MP3 players, with entire websites (and quite a few cults)  built around it's capabilities. Same sort of deal as RealPlayer (free basic version)  and you should check out their site - even if you don't need the software.  For a look at the technology that really took MP3 into the mainstream

  •      Update your IE. Love it or hate it, installing IE 5.0 on a win32 system does more than update your browser, it restructures your entire audio/video subsystem (at least in software). It installs the mp3 codecs, the Windows Media player, Directx and other bits of code that fill a directory if you try and collect them seperately. If you really can't beg, borrow or steal a free cd (you know, the ones that come with the various computer magazines), I am surprised. This doesn't mean you have to actually use the damn thing (we never do - too many security issues and you can't disable javascript) but you should install it anyway - then use Netscape !. For a huge Internet bill, go here

     I believe there are versions of these programs to suit every major operating system and, with the exception of IE5.0, are produced by independant software firms. They are also free. But...
     Look the Net is great but really try to secure yourself a source of free or low cost cd's for software where ever you can - why waste your time and money (and use a large chunk of bandwidth) on downloading software when you could use the same resources for listening to a whole bunch of excellent music from places like www.mujik.com ?. For some people (and software), this is not practical, so we have supplied the urls but...have a look around first, please.

     What about the rest of the world ?. Like we said, all this software will work on all major platforms. The installation info mainly focus on Windows/WinNT setup. We want to be user friendly but the days are only so long. Write and give us some inside Apple gossip; a Unix tweak, a Linux kludge an OS/2 hack.  At least write and tells us if these files DON'T work on your machine - we need your input to get you the output, if you get what I mean... 

       If you really want video, we suggest you search around for some of the excellent cdroms that have been produced in the last few years. Hopefully we have a section on this enterprising activity in the next update but in the meantime, email us for more information. 

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